NITE SH FT: WALLYN in concert + XRay Atelier

MoMu and Arenberg redistribute mental and physical museum spaces during a series of nocturnes that take the exhibition 'MIRROR MIRROR' to the stage.

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With NITE SH FT, MoMu and Arenberg redistribute mental and physical museum spaces. MoMu's latest exhibition 'MIRROR MIRROR' reveals the connection between fashion, psychology, self-image and identity. NITE SH FT takes the exhibit to the stage.

Musicians, performers, voguers and dancers set up their stages at MoMu, taking over the entire museum with performances during four nocturnes. Just as 'MIRROR MIRROR' connects to the life of creators and young people, NITE SH FT highlights underexposed themes and the voices of today.

NITE SH FT is about discovery and recognition. Of what you did not yet know or haven’t seen yet. Of who you are or who you want to be.


WALLYN is a dancing electro band. A queer utopia. A gender release party.

Choreographers Betty Mansion and Malik Zaryaty, along with dancers Isaro Mutabazi and Fien Lanckriet, triumph over their entire bodies to the beats and voice of Jan Wallyn.

The movement and music give birth to a new series of tracks. Sam Renascent doesn’t go unnoticed behind the drums and synths. He whips up the rhythm into a higher gear, all while standing. The costumes, which are desgined by Alix Stessel, are loosely inspired by an imaginary emancipation of the queer power rangers. When everything comes together, there’s no more doubt: the box-free utopia is here and now. And that includes everyone.

A WALLYN concert is all about experiencing a feeling of freedom, at times curiosity, and especially about dancing the night away. You better watch out, MoMu!


Stillness is a hybrid project of expo and performance art by Xray Atelier. According to the artist Alex Akuete, founder of Xray Atelier, the word stillness suggests a moment of self-reflection, to travel inward and connect with yourself, ground yourself in the here and now, becoming the eye of the hurricane and creating infinite realities where the impossible becomes possible.

The aim of this project is to set in motion debates regarding topics such as inclusiveness, mental health awareness, inner peace & unity in humanity. Finding stillness to reflect on these topics is a continuous endeavour of Alex Akuete.

“I wish not to create answers but reasons in which questions can be born to fashion insightful contemplations and conversations.” - Alex Akuete

Alex Akuete (1996, BE), aka Xray, does not think in boxes. As a choreographer, dancer, filmmaker, painter, fashion designer, and visual artist, he unites different art forms within an artistic practice that's been described as hyper-urban and hyper-chaotic.

Akuete was featured in Jan Martens and Lukas Dhont's 'The Common People', coaches young artists at Fameus and founded Alex Akuete Xray Atelier, a platform for upcycled fashion.