Museum Night 2024: MoMu x Fashion Department

Delve into the world of the Antwerp fashion students! A jam-packed experience for the fashion lover in you.

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    Buy your ticket for Museum Night via the “Book a spot” button and visit MoMu and many other museums.

The Fashion Department of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp is considered to be one of the most influential in the world. In honour of this program, Brandon Wen, creative director of the Antwerp Fashion Department, selected a number of extraordinary silhouettes and drawings from the undergraduate and graduate years. Celebrating and highlighting the students' experimentation and research creates an interesting dialogue with MoMu's collection presentation on the ground floor, where silhouettes by many alumni have been presented for years.

MoMu challenges you to explore the Fashion Department exhibition on your own! Go and search all the QR codes and discover the story of the fashion students through different challenging assignments.

Especially for Museum Night, several students have created life-size designs that you can colour in yourself. Let's bring their creations to life together!

Tired of exploring and drawing? Settle down in the Auditorium and watch the wildly popular (fashion) SHOW of 2024. Or find a spot in the cozy MoMu Café and try the fashion teachers' favourite drinks, while listening to the soundtrack of the SHOW playing in the background.

Welcome to the wonderful world of a fashion student anno 2024!

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    Stany Dederen
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    Victoriano Moreno
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    Victoriano Moreno
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    Matthias De Boeck