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Create physical and spiritual balance with MoMu Qigong

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    For everyone

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    Dutch & English
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    The exercises can be adapted to suit anybody's physical abilities. There is no experience needed, you can join in whenever you like.
    No equipment is required, you can exercise in comfortable (loose-fitting) clothing and flat shoes or socks.

    Class in Dutch, explanation in English on demand

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    Changing or cancelling your ticket for this activity is not possible. You can however transfer it to another person. In this case, please contact us on
    Full refund in the event that MoMu cancels the activity.

Start the weekend in a mindful manner with MoMu Qigong!

"Qi" stands for energy, "gong" for ability. Practising qigong regularly reduces stress and boosts your energy.

person standing, arms stretched in front , hands standing, fingers spread
Philippe Wuyts

Sofie-Ann has been teaching qigong since 1992. Qigong is a Chinese
exercise technique that opens and extends the body, stretches the joints
and relaxes the muscles. Practising it, develops a strong internal vibration that helps to cleanse and unblock the body and mind.

two persons facing each other exercising qigong
Philippe Wuyts

We all know that the mind and body are connected. If you wish to change
things in your life you can tackle your thoughts, but also your body.
After all, this reflects your thoughts. With physical exercise, you can
transform your posture and your mind. Your mind will become calmer, and
you'll find it easier to relax and breathe more gently. This transforms
the way you feel, think and act. In doing so, you'll learn to be
yourself, with both feet on the ground, and feel less stress and pain.

Sofie-Ann Bracke


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