Live Broadcast Session: X Ray by We Are Various and SoundScore for a Sculpture

We Are Various & SoundScore for a Sculpture broadcast live from the MoMu Auditorium, inspired by the Dada movement!

Visitor information

During the opening weekend of 'Man Ray and Fashion', 'We Are Various' and 'SoundScore for a Sculpture' will be broadcasting from the auditorium. The inspiration for this broadcast comes from Dadaism, the early 20th-century movement of which Man Ray was a part. Dada in 2023! The broadcast can be followed live in the auditorium or online.

'We Are Various' is an online community radio station that broadcasts from De Studio and Het Bos. Expect vocal and instrumental music waves.

With 'SoundScore for a Sculpture', a varying ensemble creates soundscapes in unique locations. Each performance and unique live-generated composition arises from the interaction with the location and the participants.

Filling the space with sonorous waves are: Michiel (SS4S), Daphné (In Limbo), Nikolaï (Innerbellum) & Fred Nasen (WAV).

Jeroen Broeckx