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Visit all the highlights in MoMu during the opening weekend of 'Man Ray and Fashion'. A MoMu guide will take you through the temporary exhibition ‘Man Ray and Fashion’ and the 'Collection presentation', which includes masterpieces by Martin Margiela, A.F. Vandevorst, Ann Demeulemeester, Raf Simons, ... Afterwards, you will pay a short visit to ‘Geometrically Wired. IO Van Oostveldt: Between Clothing and Art’.

Jeroen Broeckx

‘Man Ray and Fashion’ highlights the oeuvre of artist Man Ray from the perspective of fashion. The exhibition unites Man Ray’s iconic photography and works of art with interbellum fashion silhouettes and the work of contemporary fashion designers and photographers inspired by his work. His experimental procedures and surrealist winks of the eye brought art and fashion closer together.

MoMu’s ‘Collection presentation’ looks back at four decades of Belgian fashion, complemented by a selection from the museum’s historical collection. The exhibition gives an overview of the most important protagonists of Belgian fashion, based on the themes that characterise the distinctive nature of the MoMu Collection.

‘Geometrically Wired’ highlights the life and work of the Belgian artist, IO Van Oostveldt. The exhibition explores her multifaceted creative work, bringing together her design drawings, clothing creations and visual art, which all reveals her fascination with geometric shapes, (recuperated) materials and new techniques.