OFF calendar: Fashion of the Future. Can fashion save the world? Pitch competition

Besides the official programme of FASHION 2.021, numerous activities and events will take place in the city. Have you developed a groundbreaking concept that involves responsible fashion? Seize the opportunity and – who knows? – you might pitch your idea during The Responsible Fashion Series.

Visitor information

  • When

    From —  to — 
  • For whom


  • Languages

    Dutch & English
  • Organiser

    University of Antwerp & Antwerp Management School

  • Deadline for applications

    20/09/2021 - more information

  • Pitch for a jury


Under OFF calendar you will find more information about the activities and their providers. The Fashion Museum is not involved in the content of this programme. For more information you can always contact the organiser.

Sign up with your concept for responsible fashion and, before you know it, you could be pitching to an expert jury and an international audience during The Responsible Fashion Series. The winner will receive individual coaching from Flanders DC to refine the business plan and present it to an investor. More information: Antwerp Management School