Family Workshop: A Wink of the Eye to Man Ray

Make a tote bag with a wink of the eye to Man Ray during this workshop for the whole family!

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    For families and kids 5 and up

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    Purchase your tote bag at the reception desk for €3.

During the opening weekend of 'Man Ray and Fashion', we delve into the wonderful world of Man Ray! This artist used numerous methods to create a different, unreal and surreal world. One of those methods consists of depicting a single body part without showing the rest of the body. In this walk-in workshop, we focus on the eye. What could be more fascinating than an eye? You can use it to look, roll, rotate, and wink!

Using various materials, we create eyes: big, small, open, or closed! We work with needle, thread, and textile markers. Would you prefer to work with pieces of felt or wool? The choice is yours! Decorate your tote bag and let people 'see' your unique creation.

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    Jeroen Broeckx
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    Jeroen Broeckx