A family sitting on the stairs of MoMu

Family Sunday

You can discover the museum with the whole family! MoMu opens its doors every first Sunday of the month with an astounding activity for the whole family

Visitor information

Discover MoMu with your entire family! Every first Sunday of the month, MoMu will open its doors with surprising activities for the whole family: a guided tour to the exhibitions, a fun treasure hunt in the museum or a creative workshop in our MoMu Studio! The full programme will soon be available.

  • adults and children sitting on the stairs of MoMu
    Philippe Wuyts
  • a familiy walking on the stairs
    Philippe Wuyts
  • A family walking on the stairs of MoMu
    Philippe Wuyts
  • Children talking to each other while reading in a book
    Philippe Wuyts


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