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Family Sunday "Creative with lace"

You can discover the museum with the whole family! MoMu opens its doors every first Sunday of the month with an astounding activity for the whole family

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    • €5 per participant for this activity

    The entrance fees to the exhibitions

    • €12: adults
    • €8: young adults ages 18 to 25
    • For free: -18

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    Just grab a chair if there are any left - there's room for max. 20 participants at any one time.

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    Changing or cancelling your ticket for this activity is not possible!

Discover MoMu with your entire family! Every first Sunday of the month, MoMu will open its doors with surprising activities for the whole family: a guided tour to the exhibitions, a fun treasure hunt in the museum or a creative workshop in our MoMu Studio!

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Today, we are going to get creative with lace!

We're not going to do any lace ourselves, but with the help of different techniques, we will create beautiful lace prints. By dipping existing lace rags in paint, we will create beautiful prints on paper! We will turn lace coasters into 3D shapes. We will use these prints and shapes to design unique New Year's cards that you can send to your entire family! Or did you happen to have some New Year's cards left to write ...?

Are you also curious about how this works, then just come and join us!

For lace lovers from the age of 6.


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