Family Sunday "Recycle it!"

You can discover the museum with the whole family! MoMu opens its doors every first Sunday of the month with an astounding activity for the whole family

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Discover MoMu with your entire family! Every first Sunday of the month, MoMu will open its doors with surprising activities for the whole family: a guided tour to the exhibitions, a fun treasure hunt in the museum or a creative workshop in our MoMu Studio! The full programme will soon be available.

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Today, our family Sunday is all about recycling! Have a rummage in your wardrobe, there's bound to be a piece of clothing you haven't worn in a long time because it's either old or worn out. Don't throw it out, bring it to MoMu today!

Together with a MoMu workshop host, you can consider the different options. Can you fix it in an original way or is it better to make something else out of it? Our studio is full of materials, such as needle and thread, fabrics and textile pens, which you're all welcome to use. With help from your mum, dad, big sister, aunt, ... you'll be absolutely fine.

You'll end up with a unique piece, a garment that has been given a new life and that you've never seen in a shop before.

For creative people aged 6 to 12 and their families.


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