Guide and participants at a dementia friendlly tour

Extraordinary: dementia-friendly tour

Looking at fashion / clothing in an interactive way stimulates the long-term memory. This not only has a positive effect on the self-confidence and general well-being of the person with dementia, but also on the carer and the relationship between the two.

Visitor information

  • When

    , from to
  • For whom

    People with dementia

  • Languages

  • Maximum 10 participants

    People with early to moderate dementia and their carer(s) or companion(s)

  • Pricing

    • Person with dementia: free
    • Carer or companion: €5
  • COVID-19 measures

    • Face masks mandatory for guides
    • Respect social distancing
  • Cancellation policy

    Changing or cancelling your ticket for this activity is not possible

Guide and participants at a dementia friendly tour
Dementia friendly tour
Philippe Wuyts

During the “Extraordinary” dementia-friendly tour, participants look at a number of display cases in the Collection Presentation, which looks back on four decades of Belgian fashion, supplemented by a selection from the museum's historic collection. It offers people with dementia and their carers the opportunity to reminisce in a relaxed atmosphere, to share personal experiences and to talk to each other. The themes change regularly.

Dementia remains one of the most important societal challenges of our time and is a condition affecting an increasing number of people. With this dementia-friendly tour, MoMu is aiming to contribute towards a dementia-friendly society.

Participants at a dementia friendly tour
Dementia friendly tour
Philippe Wuyts

The tour was inspired by the Meetme@MoMa programme by the New York Museum of Modern Art and emphasises the experience of a pleasant and inspiring museum visit. It also offers the opportunity to come into contact with fellow sufferers.

Collection presentation in group

You can also reserve the Collection presentation - Fashion from the MoMu Collection for groups. You can choose the day and time on which you would like to do the visist.


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