Children working on a little dress on a doll

Children's workshop "Psssstprint"

Today, we're going to live it up with paint and make an awesome garment for your doll or superhero.

Visitor information

  • When

    , from to
  • For whom

    Children from 6 to 10 years

  • Languages

  • Pricing


  • Maximum number of participants

    12 Children (depending on the COVID-19 restrictions)

  • Please bring along

    Lunch + drink and snack + old white shirt

  • Cancellation policy

    Changing or cancelling your ticket for this activity is not possible

  • Covid-19 measures

    • Workshop supervisor wears face mask
    • Sufficient distance between participants

We'll be having a blast with the work of renowned British designer Alexander McQueen.

First, we'll watch the video together in which he uses a big sprayer to paint a white carpet in cool patterns. Bet you'll be itching to get started yourself! We'll be working on small mannequins: with small paint sprays, we'll make crazy drawings on a small white dress or shirt and give your doll or superhero a unique new outfit!

Not at all difficult and so much fun! And afterwards, maybe you could try this at home with a T-shirt for yourself...

  • Children working on a little dress on a little doll
    Philippe Wuyts
  • Children working on a little dress on a little doll
    Philippe Wuyts
  • material to work with during the workshop as little wooden dolls and scissors
    Philippe Wuyts


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