Lecture & Book presentation Textile as Resistance

Join us on 18th December for a lecture and book presentation of Textile as Resistance! Discover the stories live with the curators!

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Textile in Resistance, the catalogue book are inextricably linked. Join us 18 December for the book presentation where curators of the exhibition, photographer Mashid Mohadjerin and journalist Samira Bendadi, will tell you more about the book!

What messages and stories can fabrics share? What does an outfit or a piece of clothing say about the wearer? Can textiles weave the past together with the present? Can they be an act of resistance?

Curator Mashid Mohadjerin signing the Textile as Resistance catalogue book during opening night
Philippe Wuyts

TIP: You can purchase the book Textile as Resistance, published by Uitgeverij Hannibal / Hannibal Publishing, on the spot (€ 29.95) and have the authors sign it immediately. An ideal gift for under the Christmas tree? Or just to spoil yourself!