OFF calendar: Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder- exhibition

Besides the official programme of FASHION 2.021, numerous activities and events will take place in the city. Glorie.Today organises a unique exhibition on fashion and beauty, a collaboration between Laura Noben and Florentina Leitner.

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Under OFF calendar you will find more information about the activities and their providers. The Fashion Museum is not involved in the content of this programme. For more information you can always contact the organiser.

For this exhibition, Curator & Beauty Director Laura Noben collaborates with Florentina Leitner, designer for Lady Gaga and others. Her SS21/22 and FW21/22 are shown, together with artworks of accessory designer Benny Vandemeulengracht-Vranx and photographer Alessandra Ruyten. Everything in this exhibition revolves around personality, fashion and beauty. More information: Glorie.Today