Brightly-coloured Saori style weaving

Atelier "Saori style" wall hanging

Experience the"Saori style flow", a free style of hand-weaving without a preconceived plan that is suitable for anyone.

  • When

    , from to
  • For whom

    (young) adults (16+)

  • Languages

  • Price

    • €55 MoMu+Friends
    • €60 up to and including 25 years old
    • €65 standard

    Price includes materials, water, coffee, tea and visit of the Cool Japan expo

  • Number of participants

    Minimum 7 participants, maximum 12
    No experience required

  • Cancellation policy

    You can cancel up to 30 days before the workshop takes place. You can transfer your ticket to another person. Please contact if you wish to do so.

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This Cool Japan inspired workshop is organised at the MAS as part of the MoMu loans.

Brightly-coloured Saori style weaving
MoMu I Monica Ho

Saori-style weaving is based on creativity and free expression. No two pieces are the same, there are no rules or patterns to follow and no right or wrong. On the contrary, mistakes are regarded as opportunities that lead to new discoveries and emphasise the unique personality of the weaver.

After learning the basic technique, you can experiment with yarns, ribbons, strips of old clothing, fake fur, pom poms, even stuffed animals, plastic toys and anything you find interesting. One thing is certain: you will head home with a unique Saori-style wall hanging!

Saori-style weaving and balls of brightly coloured threads of various structures and thicknesses
MoMu I Monica Ho

The lunch break is from 12h30 until 13h30. There are several lunch possibilities at MAS and nearby.

Karin Machielsen is an experienced textile art teacher at various art schools. Passing on her expertise in authentic textile technique is her mission.


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