jeans-, ocre coloured fabric anddetail of a pair of jeans with boro and sashiko; red and white  sashiko yarn and set of needles

Atelier Boro and Sashiko Jeans Repair

Upcycle your old jeans into a unique pair using traditional Japanese Boro and Sashiko techniques.

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    Adults, young adults (14+)

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    • €55 MoMu Friends
    • €60 up to and including 25 years old
    • €65 adults

    Price includes material and inspiration visit of the "E/MOTION. Fashion in Transition" exhibition

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    Minimum 7 participants, maximum 14

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    Full refund in the event that MoMu cancels the activity.

Sustainability, "zero waste" and the beauty of imperfection go hand in hand with the Boro and Sashiko techniques, which extend the life of clothes with something that never fails to be unique.

jeans and ocre fabric with sashiko and boro techniques
Philippe Wuyts

Textile recycling has a long history in Japan. From the 17th to the 19th century, fabrics were expensive and scarce for the working class. Worn-out fabrics known as 'boro', meaning rags, are strengthened and attached to the original garment with sashiko running stitches in contrasting threads. Often, several pieces are piled up with simple stitches in geometric patterns in order to make the fabric warmer.

In this workshop you will use visible repairs with boro and sashiko techniques to turn your worn-out jeans and/or recycled denim fabrics into something unique and valuable.

  • jeans fabric with boro and sashiko techniques, hands  using tailor's chalk
    Philippe Wuyts
  • hand that threads a sashiko knot
    Philippe Wuyts
  • hand that threads through jeans fabric
    Philippe Wuyts

Karin Machielsen is an experienced textile arts teacher at various visual arts academies. Passing on her expertise in ancient textile techniques is her mission.

The lunch break is scheduled between 12:30 AM and 1:30 PM. There are various options for lunch in the local vicinity, including the MoMu café.


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